Seven Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

To the Future

1. Working for someone else is a one sided agreement

For the most part, traditional companies set your value, that is, how much they will pay you for your skill. Sometimes they push you into areas that you have no interest in. They call it cross training, but really is a polite way to say it is time for you to go, your skill is no longer valued. Granted, some people don’t mind hanging around. However, if you are truly ambitious, and you think that you aren’t receiving the recognition you deserve, take a good look at yourself. Determine who is at fault and if you have to, make the decision and leave. See ya!

2. Your business phone is actually your own phone

You answer someone else’s phone… on vacation, and it is not even an opportunity for you, but some customer yakking about something you do not have the slightest interest in. Geez!

3. You upset liberals because you become master of your fate

You become part of the elite that does not pay their fair share. You can donate your Social Security cheque to charity. What freedom!

4. You have more time during the week for church functions

You not only increase restaurants profits on Sundays, but every day of the week. Seriously, you contribute to economic growth, without the pleasure of a stimulus package. You’re the best!

5. Facebook isn’t blocked and you can check your email during the day

What a relief, you no longer have to wait until you get home to check who has written on your wall. You are home…isn’t it cool!

6. You get to take your afternoon power naps

Who needs five-hour energy, or free office coffee? You are home when your kid comes home from school and you can bounce your business ideas off them. Instant family business with someone you can trust…now

7. You show Obama that people build business with customers who pay a fee for goods and services

He said he was taken out of context. May be because he does he does not know how business’s work. You got so called “help” because you offered and created value to a need that people wanted filled, and they were willing to you for it. That is the only help anyone will get. You find what people will pay for, how much they will pay, and sell them. Furthermore, you only attract investors if they see a return on their money.  Entrepreneurship 101 Mr. President!


Author: J. Anthony


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