Page load times – Do they really hurt your conversions?

Are you irritated with page load times as I am? I subscribe to many sites. Invariably, they send me email. In the emails there are links to various items I am supposed to read, purchase, retweet, whatever. But I hate excessive load times. Whether it is on my end or the server, or the designer, I don’t wait. I move on.

This happened to me today from one of my favorite sites. Just couldn’t be bothered. The very next email, had this, and I just had to share.

Good read and good study. The page loaded immediately for me. I hope it doe so for you too


The single reason for linking to another website. If not done right it can be detrimental to yours.

No more chainsWhy do we link from our website to another website? Have you ever considered how important this is to your website if you do it? It  must be done right and with a singular purpose. A friend of mine has his own business. He built his website as a marketing tool. That is, to get customers: To build his business and enlarge his customer base. To tell people of his services and at the end of it all make money. Isn’t that the reason why people or businesses have a web presence?

After I reviewed his website, I told him that the site was there just to be there. There was nothing distinguishing about the site. He said it was not finished. Darn right it wasn’t. It was useless; it was generic; it was not compelling, and most of all it did not demand action or give any reason why anyone should call him and not the competition. There was no value proposition. It did not even work well. He had a lot of work to do.

I was a harsh on my friend. I don’t even do some of the things I accuse him of not doing. However, my excuse to myself is that I just need to get back into the groove of writing and post to this blog. But I know what to do to make a website work. Hire a professional. Better yet, learn how to do it right yourself. That is what I told my friend. Professional or learn. So back to why adding a link can be detrimental to your site if you don’t know how to use it effectively. Continue reading “The single reason for linking to another website. If not done right it can be detrimental to yours.”