Learn from others to build your business

There is really nothing new under the sun. Every now anteacherd then, someone comes up with a great idea, some new innovation, which the public needs and they become filthy rich. However, for most, it is variation on a theme. Realize that there are many companies making beverages. Some techy writing apps, hoping it will take off.

The ones, who survive, are the ones who are willing to learn. Think about it. You wish to start a business, become an entrepreneur. You may have the trait to succeed, but you don’t know everything. So while you are building your business, you have to learn. The Internet is a great place to learn. The Internet is your teacher. And at the beginning, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Look for free classes. My guess is you already know where to find them.

Set yourself tasks. You are taking online classes, you are in high school or college again, and you have homework. See the tasks and all you have to do as your second job. Literally, this is the truth. You are building it. If you have a job conflict of interest, let it be for something you are building. After all, as you are bombarded with ethics by your employer, remember, you are in a one-sided agreement, which does not benefit you.

So here is a tip I learned a long time ago. When you arrive home, do not eat. Eating will take away the impetus you have built up all day. Your energy will be drained, and family will suck you in. Trust me; despair will follow, when you don’t do the things you need to do.

You ask what is Jr. thinking. I have family. My spouse and my kids need help. There is family dinner, and family devotions. Hey, it is a good tip. Work it out. May be this can help http://bit.ly/1boFcd5

 Take it easy


Author: J. Anthony


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