Is a mentor right for you?

mentorAre you in a constant state of preparedness? Absorbing so much information to start a small business then you can’t do it. Fear has gripped your gut. Some folks call this analysis paralysis. All you do is research, and the more you do, the more reasons you find to not do what you wish to do. You even think your idea is a bad one and you start thinking of another business, less competitive.

 Well what will help you to move on? Hypnosis? Maybe. However, I think that this is the time to get a mentor or a coach. There are many folks out there willing to mentor start ups. Even the government will help you find one through the Small Business Administration They even help with writing business plans.

Then there are the online gurus and marketers. Don’t just subscribe to these folks do as they say. Blogging is not easy, especially if you are not engaging potential customers. Business is not easy if you are not actively participating in business. As one person said and I quote, “to succeed in business, you have to be in business.”  Join American Express Open forum, but first read this.

The old saying “nothing will change unless you change,” still rings true. Go change.

Take it easy


Author: J. Anthony


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