Customer service story, Flight DL 2324, from Salt Lake City

Catching the Red Eye

???????????????????????????????????????Few nights ago, I was returning to Atlanta from Portland, Oregon via Salt Lake City. I particular like the night flights but when you want to leave you want to leave.  Boarding was 12:05 A.M. for a 12:45 A.M. departure. As the gate attendants began their announcements about the flight you could feel the relief. We were all itching to go. And then a male voice boomed over the air.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve a bit of bad news. One of the flight attendants did not show up, and we are looking at a possible 1:45 A.M.departure. We have  contacted another and she has two hours to get here. We’ll keep you updated, but we cannot board the aircraft at this time,” or words to that effect. I think I’m pretty close to what he said. But that didn’t matter,  I was tired.

People sat down, some went to the bathroom, and others turned on their electronics again. I decided to listen to music on my phone while contemplating whether I should get out my Laptop and start writing or just listen to the music. Suddenly that booming voice returned.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have some good news, we have a flight attendant who is on vacation, just happen to have her uniform and she decided to work this flight.” I did not hear loud cheering, but I know including me there were a lot of happy passengers. Now how about that for some good service.

Delta airlines should be very  grateful for this lady’s service and reward her accordingly. Because of her we arrived in Atlanta on

English: Stewardess in a Swiss flight filling ...

time, and passengers that had connecting flights were not late. This is what I call good public service and  great customer service.

In your search to add value to your company, do you provide service like that? Are you flexible, and willing to sacrifice to satisfy your customers? You bottom line will show it. Take an example from this flight attendant. Serve your customers.


Author: J. Anthony


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