Sesame Street, the god’s of America, and speaking things into existence

A Morally Bankrupt Language

Air is good for breathing

Young Boy at School Raising His Hand to Answer in Class I think I was a new teenager when Sesame Street invaded Jamaica. An instant hit, I still remember imitating some of the characters. It grabbed me, my sisters, and my brother’s attention, riveted us to the television every evening, and no one ever wanted to change the channel. Well, we only had one channel back then so it didn’t matter.

Who can forget Grover trying to teach the little girl the difference between near and far: “when I am up near like this, this is near, and when I’m way, way back here like this (shouting) this is far. You got that? Ernie’s snicker when he got one over on Bert or Kermit’s, lullaby “It’s not easy being green.” Cookie monster! Even Oscar the grouch and his garbage can.

However, my most memorable character was the one selling “air.” Yes, air in a bottle. He slithers up to you and whispers, “Psst …hey, (pauses) wanna buy some air? Air is good for you… air is good for breathing, and blowing up balloons.” The price was cheap too, about nickel I think. But when the one born every minute stretched out his hand to get the bottle after paying he was told, “I’m not selling the bottle… I’m selling what’s in the bottle.” He moved on to his next victim as the sucker looks in his hands and laments, “I lost my air.” This enterprising guy put most wannabe entrepreneurs to shame with his creativity.

The god’s of America

There is a verse of a popular song from the early nineties that goes like this:

United States Flag

“I believe in the gods of America
I believe in the land of the free
but no one told me
that the gods believe in nothing
so with empty hands I pray
and from day to hopeless day
they still don’t see me”

The god’s of old are supposedly mythological beings that played a role in human history. However, they were no Sesame Street character selling air. When they were angry or fighting, usually we became stuck in the middle of the battle. America’s gods are more modern, and well suited for the 21st century, they even can speak things into existence. With that sort of power, they could do anything, and they did; they ushered in the age of tolerance and openness.

The gods are many, and fall in so many categories that one cannot keep count. However, here are some that you might know:

  • god’s of political correctness
  • god’s of correct speech – or the gods against hate speech, except their own
  • god’s of thought
  • god’s of humanism
  • god’s of pro-choice
  • god’s of human rights
  • god’s of animal rights
  • god’s for women rights
  • god’s of spin
  • god’s of we know what is right for everyone
  • god’s of everyone should be equal except them – they are after all gods
  • god’s for tolerance
  • god’s against discrimination

Their agendas might appear to be different but they are not. They have one aim, and one goal, and that is to shape and mold us in their image. One day the gods got together and said, “What can we do to stop the social upheavals caused by our differences? You know differences in skin shade, culture, ethnicity, opportunities, education, background, social status, financial status, faith, or religious beliefs and sexual orientation, and all other differences we have.”

After thinking long and hard, one god raised a hand and said, “We should end discrimination!” After thunderous applause for such a brilliant idea, they went into committee.

The Discrimination Act

We will end discrimination, by discriminating against those who discriminate, only we would not call what we do discrimination because we don’t discriminate  at all, and it would show the original “discriminator” how bad it feels to be discriminated against so they won’t do it anymore. And if discrimination continues, we will make it a criminal offense. So the gods of America spoke and it became law, and it was good for them.

However, one god remarked that discrimination did not cover all possibilities that might arise. So they went into committee and came back with a law to end intolerance.

The Intolerance Act

We will end intolerance by being intolerant to all ideas, which are intolerant of our own ideas, that says our ideas are bad ideas or intolerant to their ideas because their ideas are intolerable and are not good for the public that has different ideas which are intolerable, which must be tolerated.

And the god’s of America spoke intolerance into existence, and said that it was good because it ended intolerance and anyone against tolerance would be find that such a thing is intolerable by law and could be fined or imprisoned or both.

Then the minions who bow to the gods asked, “Honorable gods, do we believe in anything?” The gods were shocked at the question. Did the people not learn anything from the laws against discrimination and intolerance? So the gods spoke in unison.

“We believe in nothing, if you believe in anything other than nothing, something substantive, which might be intolerable and discriminatory, then you have an opinion, which might be discriminatory or intolerant, and you may offend someone. You do not wish to offend anyone, do you?”

And the minions bowed in deference to the wisdom of the gods. It is better to accept all ideas than to be discriminatory or intolerant.

Speaking the culture into existence

Then a god realized that the laws affect adults more than they did children. The children too needed to know that intolerance andSecret Kiss From One Boston Terrier to Another discrimination was hurtful. People should be accepted for who they are. So the gods had a brainstorming session. Adults watched Sesame Street with their kids, what better way to start molding the little minds, with a suspect parent emotion. The gods spoke and Bert and Ernie became a couple.

Then the minions made the gods aware of the Sesame Street spinoff favorite character that babies and toddlers took to bed. The gods spoke and Elmo became gay.

The new cultural norms

What exactly did these wise men and women institute with their morally bankrupt language?

  • They stole the souls and the childhood of our children
  • Censor speech
  • Stifle opinions
  • Squash uniqueness
  • Outlawed individuality
  • Intolerance to opinions contrary to their own
  • Discrimination against personal morals
  • Enslaved minds, feelings  and expression
  • Corrupt reason and corrupt courts
  • Speech challenged leaders — we use to call them liars
  • Closure to anyone who opposes its reason for being
  • Unstable society
  • Abstractness

language reshaped

However, they were not done. The gods approved their minion’s idea to change the meaning of words. So if you were not careful you could be labeled a “hater.” Hate speech meant that conflicting or competing ideas did not mean a disagreement but that one party is a “hater.” Being a hater expanded into differences in morality, personal beliefs, and eventually anything, anybody dislikes in general. You my friend may be labeled a hater if anything you say is contrary to another person opinion. It’s like this; you are a hater if your speech or behavior causes someone to believe that you don’t like them or their choice in anything, anything at all, for example, dress, speech, morality, political affiliations, sexual orientation, or opinion. Opinion no one should have in the first place. Opinions cause issues you remember, such as intolerance and discrimination.

Wanna buy some air

We are fortunate. Breathing is not discriminatory or intolerant. Breathing does not hate. But it is an activity that can be easily quelled. The gods may insist that you breathe to show you favor their rulings. However, If the stench is too great, then the only decent thing you can do is hold your breath… and keep it in. “Psst… wanna buy some air? Air is good for breathing…!”


Author: J. Anthony


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