Which one are You?

I recently read that there are three types of people in the world. Go figure. Almost everyone has some take on  personality types. I like this one though.
Those who give up, those who give in, and those who give it all they’ve got.


Page load times – Do they really hurt your conversions?

Are you irritated with page load times as I am? I subscribe to many sites. Invariably, they send me email. In the emails there are links to various items I am supposed to read, purchase, retweet, whatever. But I hate excessive load times. Whether it is on my end or the server, or the designer, I don’t wait. I move on.

This happened to me today from one of my favorite sites. Just couldn’t be bothered. The very next email, had this, and I just had to share.

Good read and good study. The page loaded immediately for me. I hope it doe so for you too