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It has taken me five years to reach here. 🙂 But whatever is shared here today may not stay for ever. I am desperately trying to determine my purpose and the direction of this endeavor. Who am I writing for? So as I try to figure out all of this, I will share a little of myself. I’ve even titled it.

Incoherence, A Struggle

I was reviewing my blog… geez, I haven’t written anything since November 2013. Not for my blogs anyway. Why was I revisiting my blog? I received an email about subscribing to better blogging or something like that for 2016. As I reviewed my work, and read encouraging blog articles, and the differences between blogs and articles I reminisced.  Yea, I thought about what was my inspiration, why I thought I wanted to write blogs.

Blog writing is a substitute for what I really wanted to do originally, which was to write novels. Long story! But the truth is I read as a youngster. I really did: Late into the night or all night. Every day! I think everybody did at one time in their lives: read a lot.

I had a relative who worked at this job where they destroyed books. At least that is what I remembered him telling me. He described the procedure and I hope what I remember is the truth. He is long dead now.  But he would take home books to read. And he would take home books for me to read.

My first year in high school, I borrowed a book from the school library: The Bridge on the River Kwai. I thought this book would make a great movie! I was planning this all out in my mind, when I saw that the movie was already made. Oh well!  Watched it! It was a good movie. But I kept on reading. I began to read novels by Harold Robbins. The first I think was ‘A Stone for Danny Fisher.”  I read the Carpet Baggers, Stiletto, and a few more. I knew that I wanted to write… But I never did. I talked about it; I thought about stories; I did outlines, and I even began writing. But I never finished any. Endings were hard for me.

Writing is stuck inside me and can’t get out, and I fear my voice will never be heard. I know part of the problem. It is multifaceted. See if you have this in common with me. Let me know how you get past it.

  • I think I am not good enough
  • Why would anyone want to read what I write?
  • Other people say it better than I do
  • I don’t want to do the research – I’ve seen two ideas that I had become successful, one a book and both movies – it could have been me, maybe…
  • I don’t feel like writing now
  • I’ll get to it later
  • I don’t think I want to write about that
  • I don’t like my tone, or voice or my style. I wish it were different
  • My grammar is atrocious – it really is I think
  • I don’t know what to write about (usually not true)
  • I’m still not sure which topics/genre I want to write about – my niche, my focus
  • I am not saying it like I thought it; I forgot my original thought

I have tried many ways to get past some of these excuses. The last one bugs me the most and is my most common excuse to not write. I think faster than I type. My best thoughts and ideas come to me when I am away from my desk. Especially when I am driving! By the time I arrive at my desk, it’s a whole new different thought. I hated that! I even went as far as to purchase a mini tape recorder to record my thoughts when I am away from my desk. Well I think faster than I speak so that didn’t get very far either. My wife finally gave away my tape recorder because I wasn’t using it. Still upset by the way and that was over ten years ago. Get over it, right!

I did have aspirations to be a serious writer. But I chose to study air conditioning and heating after high school. I got many story ideas based on the industry and my work. Never put any to paper! You may wonder why I said I wanted to be a writer then. You remember word processors. I am not talking a software program but the actual machine that replaced type writers. That was how serious I got. I gave the machine to one of my sisters after I switched to a PC.

But I did write for a few sites, one defunct, and the other eventually locked me out and removed my articles because I stopped writing. True story: Went for a job interview in 2006. I could tell the interview wasn’t going well. One reason was that the interviewers knew that they wanted someone with my particular skill, but they had never hired anyone in that position that had my skill. They didn’t know what to ask, and therefore they expected me to tell them that I am the type of person they really want. It was painful as they asked questions about the industry in ways that I didn’t expect. I got the job. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I told them that I wrote and I blogged. The truth was that I had stopped writing and the sites I wrote for were not available to me anymore. But they wanted to see my writing.

Fortunately, a few days before, I had found a link to one of my articles on the Internet. Someone had stolen it and was presenting it word for word, as their own article: even the misspelling that I found reading it again. What was I to do? It was my own article. I presented it, and told them the circumstances under which I found it. As I said, I got the job!

What does this have to do with writing for 2016? I am hoping to do better. Maintain my blogs, start new ones and write articles, and yes – complete (at least start one) a novel and maybe an eBook. I copied this off the Internet today, about the habits of successful people. I wish to share.succesful people habits



No, I am not Rupesh, he shared it and I am re-sharing. Check out his website.

Here is to new beginnings and better writing in 2016.

Take it easy!

Maybe I should not take it easy.



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