Which one are You?

I recently read that there are three types of people in the world. Go figure. Almost everyone has some take on  personality types. I like this one though.
Those who give up, those who give in, and those who give it all they’ve got.


Sesame Street, the god’s of America, and speaking things into existence

A Morally Bankrupt Language

Air is good for breathing

Young Boy at School Raising His Hand to Answer in Class I think I was a new teenager when Sesame Street invaded Jamaica. An instant hit, I still remember imitating some of the characters. It grabbed me, my sisters, and my brother’s attention, riveted us to the television every evening, and no one ever wanted to change the channel. Well, we only had one channel back then so it didn’t matter.

Who can forget Grover trying to teach the little girl the difference between near and far: “when I am up near like this, this is near, and when I’m way, way back here like this (shouting) this is far. You got that? Ernie’s snicker when he got one over on Bert or Kermit’s, lullaby “It’s not easy being green.” Cookie monster! Even Oscar the grouch and his garbage can.

However, my most memorable character was the one selling “air.” Yes, air in a bottle. He slithers up to you and whispers, “Psst …hey, (pauses) wanna buy some air? Air is good for you… air is good for breathing, and blowing up balloons.” The price was cheap too, about nickel I think. But when the one born every minute stretched out his hand to get the bottle after paying he was told, “I’m not selling the bottle… I’m selling what’s in the bottle.” He moved on to his next victim as the sucker looks in his hands and laments, “I lost my air.” This enterprising guy put most wannabe entrepreneurs to shame with his creativity. Continue reading “Sesame Street, the god’s of America, and speaking things into existence”